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Nordic Stainless Steel Viking Hammer Rope Bracelet

Nordic Stainless Steel Viking Hammer Rope Bracelet

Made from genuine 316L Surgical Stainless Steel, ensuring lasting beauty and strength. Resistant to tarnish, corrosion, and daily wear, making it perfect for long-term use

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**Product Description and Specifications**:
Embrace your Viking heritage with our Nordic Stainless Steel Viking Hammer Rope Bracelet. This bracelet features the iconic Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, known for its thunderous power in Norse mythology.

  • - Style: Religious/Totem
  • - Material: High-Quality Titanium Steel
  • - Type: Bracelet
  • - Style: Men's
  • - Shape: Animal/Zodiac (Mjolnir Hammer)
  • - Steel Hammer: 19CM, 21CM, 23CM
  • - Golden Hammer: 19CM, 21CM, 23CM
  • - Width: 18mm

Crafted from stainless steel, this bracelet is refined, exceptionally durable, and resistant to rust and tarnish. The high polish ensures long-lasting color retention.

Wear this bracelet with pride, embracing your Viking roots and adding a touch of individual style to your look.
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